Changing the channel

  I haven’t published on my blog for quite a while now – mainly due to my roles in public sector and never quite knowing if we were in purdah or if I’d share something I shouldn’t. For the couple of things I did put out I’ve found LinkedIn is a better platform for me […]

The 10 to 6 effect

Many years ago I had the fortunate experience of working with a hyper-productive and wonderfully lovely team of about 100 people.  Within us we had many smaller teams, that topic is for another post. One simple act of leadership The first thing that happened was the leaders of the group asked the people to choose […]

Learning together creates a better future

I often work with other coaches and this is usually a good thing. Sometimes though I get dismayed at the number of “experts” who want to force people to change to doing things their way. When I come across peers who want to do change “to” people instead of explore “with” them I often think […]

Why I Fell in Love With Scrum

On an early weekend morning I found myself going back to my origins in Scrum and watching this video where I finally could prove that Jeff Sutherland was inspired in his service days…anyone who wants to really understand the origins of Scrum should watch this..  

Scrum Values and The Duality of Openness

The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.    Niels Bohr    Openness is synonymous with transparency, and this requires candid and frank communication.  The most important word in the previous sentence is communication – if this isn’t happening then openness is simply impossible.   […]

Agile Doesn’t Work

All too often I read or hear ‘Agile doesn’t work!” It’s an interesting one to ponder.  Over the years I’ve found when traditional programs fail people tend to blame other people not the process.  In fact I don’t recall a single person blaming waterfall, or any of its constituent parts, for their failure – instead they typically focus on […]