Product Owner Nerves

Perhaps it is the meds I’m on (in Bangalore at the beginning of mosquito season with particularly tasty blood and a nasty reaction), but even after all these years this week I started to question the scrum product owner role ‘in’ the team. Is the product owner really able to step back and let the […]

Scrum Master..An Agile Oxymoron

One of my favourite transitions is helping people become a successful Scrum Master.  It’s very heartening to see an individual become a whole human being, not simply concerned with timelines and figures but happy, empowered and delivering to boot. Too often though this can be the most challenging task and far too often the individual […]

Why Agile? The Top 3 Key Questions to Ask Your Customer

Agile coaching can help companies make valuable changes in their business practices, sometimes even reaching into peoples personal lives in a positive manner too.  However I’ve come to realise that preaching the Agile principles and consulting, are not easy bedfellows. Many of us in the Agile space have struggled when faced with the realisation that […]

Agile Retrospectives Wiki-Wonderful

I found an exciting place today to share ideas and learn new Agile tips and tricks on holding retrospectives…in my opinion these are the most powerful tool in our Agile arsenal and often forgotten! For those of you who are interested in improving how you work I’d recommend you pay a visit Real people sharing […]